image of Bay Area Barks Customer Journey Map

Bay Area Barks User Experience: Design through Discovery – Chapter 2

The Bay Area Barks Customer Journey Map

According to the UX apprentice site, a Customer Journey Map is “essential” for creating a cross platform experience.
A customer journey map shows the customer’s path through a product or service and helps identify customer touch points, potential pain points and actions to mitigate the pain points.

War Story: I vividly recall rolling out a feature that showed the number of closed tickets in reports and admin views, but did NOT update in the support view. The support folks were not happy and our team got a “cheerful earful” because of that oversight. A customer journey map could have helped our team avoid that particular oversight.

Bay Area Barks only has happy customers so far because it is a new (fake) service with no complaints logged.

However, listing the potential pain points proved VERY useful since most of them could be mitigated by looping in the dev team early to verify and identify technical solutions, workarounds and content strategy. Something that stood out for me was the importance of speed for this site.

In the case of Bay Area Barks, the speed of this filter search using AngularJS and the convenience of a one page app seemed to be a good solution.

If Bay Area Barks was being developed as a commercial app, getting a developer/architect to organize the JavaScript libraries, create a caching strategy and set up a CDN would be crucial since a slow download speed would most likely lead to users abandoning the application.


Next I’ll cover design principles and project objectives.