Bay Area Barks Customers

Bay Area Barks User Experience: Design through Discovery – Chapter 3

Design principles and project objectives

The next task in the UX Apprentice tutorial was to create design principles and project objectives for Bay Area Barks.

The challenge with this task is to raise the question and get agreement (even if you’re a team of one) on who and what you’re designing for.

Bay Area Barks – Design Principles

  1. Accessible – Bay Area Barks needs to use more than color to convey information. It must be usable at larger font sizes, links must have context and alt text is needed for every image.
  2. Responsive – loads quickly on any device.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. Fun.
  5. Helpful.

Bay Area Barks – Project Objectives

  1. Bay Area Barks will be a product to show best practices in User Experience and User Interface design and development.
  2. The final Bay Area Barks product will be a responsive working website with fake data.
  3. Approach will be UX principles of Discovery, Strategy and Design.
  4. Website will be built using Zurb’s Foundation framework.
  5. Launch fake Bay Area Barks site in early June 2015.


Next I’ll discuss the strategy phase of Bay Area Barks, where storyboards, conceptual designs and the first site map for Bay Area Barks are created.