image of Bay Area Barks Storyboard

Bay Area Barks User Experience: Design through Discovery – Chapter 4

The Bay Area Barks fake application then moved on to the Strategy phase of the project as outlined in the UX Apprentice.

Seems pretty straightforward, but experience has taught me that ALL design needs to be firmly rooted in what can be accomplished in the current technology environment with the current developer talent.

With that in mind, I would suggest that the development team (even if it’s a team of one), be brought in to review the story boards, prototypes and site map. Part of those meetings could be to capture a checklist of:

– feature requested
– browsers supported
– is feature implemented somewhere else in app or site?
– feature supported by style guide?
– technology needed for feature functionality?
– technology used already?
– suggestions on how to build

This would set both the UI/UX team and the development team up for greater success, knowing exactly what script libraries are needed, what programming languages can/should be used, limitations of the CMS (if any) and what browser bugs does the UI/UX team need to code around.

Next is the Design Phase!