screenshot of FYI Bay Area Directory

Digital First Media – FYI Bay Area Directory

The FYI Bay Area Directory was a vendor hosted directory that imported local business listings and provided a platform for businesses to own their listing and viewers to post reviews.

A developer who was working on the FYI Bay Area  iPad application noticed that searching for “Sushi near me” wasn’t finding any of the restaurants near her.

Using MS Access, I did some analysis that showed the restaurant category information (Sushi, Mexican, Fast Food) was available in the original business listing dataset.

I compared the original business listing dataset with the dataset that was created after import. This revealed that 19% of the over 600,000 records did not import with the correct restaurant category.

I then worked with the Directory vendor to improve database import.  The result was that restaurant category  error rate decreased from 19% to 2.3%.

This led to an improved search experience for the directory and companion iPad application.